New Patient Registration

Quote / Testimonial:
We are a small GP surgery with a team of experienced staff.
We work to promote the benefits of the continuity of care and to ensure that your doctor knows you as an individual.

Seeing the same GP helps you, as they get to know you and your personal situation, and you won’t have to keep repeating information.

How to Register

To register a new patient you will need to live within our practice boundary (details below); if you would like to register with the practice please visit the registration link below.

Practice Boundary

Before registering with the surgery, please ensure that you live within our service area by entering your postcode below.

Catchment Area

Online Services

Did you know that patients can access online services directly via the NHS App, without the need to request access from The Exchange Surgery?

If you would like to access these services please visit our Register for Online Services page.