Tests and Results

You can see your results on NHS App – please check your app first before calling us. Receptionist can usually see the same results as showing on your NHS App.

Blood and urine test results take about 1 week to come back from the laboratory.

Once we receive your results, the doctor reviews them and we will contact you if action is required.

If the doctor or nurse needs to see you to discuss the results of the test and any changes in treatment then reception will not be able to give you any information and will book you a telephone appointment with the doctor or nurse.

You can book an appointment to discuss test results via NHS App, these are not urgent, unless specified in the text received

Please bear in mind when you are requesting your results that the receptionists are not clinicians and are not able to interpret the results for you. If you wish to discuss your results, you need to make a routine telephone appointment with the doctor.

Wonder what your test results mean?

Check out Lab Tests Online

Practising lab doctors and scientists explain your lab tests, from what to expect, to what the results mean.

Please visit www.labtestsonline.org.uk.

Booking Blood test

From 24 August 2023 you need to book an appointment for a blood test online. You can book the blood test at: Gracefield Gardens, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, Evelina Hospital and Kings College Hospital.

Visit www.swiftqueue.co.uk/Synnovis.php or scan the QR code to book your blood test appointment.

If your child needs a blood test, please book at Evelina Children’s Hospital